Lucy Maud Montgomery’s 141st Birthday

lucy maud

Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote her first novel in 1905. Her story about the adventures of a red-headed girl, Anne of Green Gables,  in Prince Edward Island became a hit. At first, it was rejected by every publishing house that received it, but some years later, Montgomery tried shopping it again and succeeded.  It became one of Canada’s most all-time popular books. It has been translated into Lucy_Maud_Montgomeryaround 20 languages and more than 50 million copies to date have been sold. During her lifetime, Montgomery published over 500 short stories, 20 novels, 30 essays, a book of poetry and an autobiography.

Montgomery is one of Canada’s most celebrated writers. She also wrote hundreds of poems and short stories as well as a number of novels apart from the Anne series. She was the first Canadian woman to be made a member of the British Royal Society of Arts and was also appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire.

L.M. Montgomery was born in Clifton (now New London), Prince Edward Island, on November 30, 1874, to Hugh John Montgomery and Clara Woolner Macneill. When Maud Montgomery was 21 months old, her mother died of tuberculosis. Her father left her in the care of her mother’s parents. As an only child living with an elderly couple, Montgomery found companionship in her imagination, nature, books, and especially writing.

She studied for a teacher’s license at Prince of Wales College. She completed the two-year course in one year and she was graduated with honours. She became a teacher, but it was a short career. Montgomery taught at three Island schools: Bideford, Belmont, and Lower Bedeque respectively. She left teaching for one year to study selected courses in English literature becoming one of the few women of her time to seek higher education. It was at that time that  she received the first payments for her writing.

In 1911, Montgomery married the Reverend Ewan Macdonald who was minister in the Presbyterian church. She bore three sons: Chester (1912), Hugh (stillborn in 1914), and Stuart (1915). She assisted her husband in his pastoral duties and ran their home.  She continued writing novels, short stories and poems. Her



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